I’m always looking for photo or video submissions to post on Submission Sunday. If you’d like to submit a photo or video to GUYSwithGLASSES, please make sure that:

1) The picture/video is of a guy over the age of 18.

2) The picture/video is “safe for work.”

3) The picture/video contains a pair of eyeglasses. (Sorry, sunglasses don’t count. I won’t post pictures of sunglasses.)

4) I haven’t already posted it since I try not to post duplicate pictures.

5) ALL THE AVAILABLE TAGS ARE CHECKED (i.e. Submission Sunday, Glasses, Guys With Glasses) Don’t think that if you don’t check the “Submission Sunday” tag that I will post your submission that day, because I won’t. :-P

Also, I will write in “Submitted by …” when I queue your post up so don’t worry about writing it in or pasting your Tumblr URL.

And it’s totally fine to either put just a first name or an alias, such as Anon, if you are uncomfortable with your name being associated with the photo.

Also, let me know if you would not like your submission post pushed to Twitter or Facebook.

All submissions I receive throughout the week will be posted on the following Sunday. Submission Sunday’s queue begins around 4 pm PST on Sundays.