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Looking the best you can is a show of respect to those around you.

- Tom Ford

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이 민 호


이 민 호



I can’t quite leave our Hawaii-theories… (you should never say ‘final’ or ‘never again’, because soon you’re Celine Dion and on your third ‘farewell tour’.)

Here are three scenes which are still slightly mysterious, but for which I think we’ve come up with some interesting thoughts.

1. Why is Eugenio being such a childishly bad loser when shooting the air rifle and running?
Eugenio & Martín knew each other as kids, and obviously played quite a lot together. Eugenio is about three years older than Martín, which meant he was significantly bigger than Martín when they played. Eugenio was probably the one deciding what they should do and how. And Eugenio, being most likely taller and more developed, probably used to win against Martín. 

When they get to know each other again, they haven’t seen each other since they were little, and so Eugenio is automatically reverting to how they related to each other as kids, He probably feels he’s the one who should teach Martín things and also protect him, help him. Like when they were kids. Until it turns out it’s no longer true. Martín is now better than him, stronger. And so Eugenio gets confused and acts like a very bad loser. And like the child he’s momentarily reverted to.

2. Why was Eugenio being so grumpy and short with Martín after they slept in the same bed?

Drunkenly, Eugenio has groped Martin a bit and then fell asleep on him. He probably feels he’s lost the control he had of the situation. Up until then he’s kept a certain distance in a way, and has been able to stay in his head and just watch Martín, from a kind of distance, like a fantasy that won’t come true. Instead it becomes reality in a way it hasn’t before. 

And so he’s taken out of his head, he can’t concentrate on his book and he’s starting to think of the issues then brought up by his brother. It’s uncomfortable and he regrets changing what he found so pleasant before, when he could hang out with Martín without feeling any pressure.

3. Why does Eugenio come by Martín’s room asking for poison? What does Martín hope to achieve by taking his clothes off? And why does Eugenio looks so scared?

Eugenio wanted an excuse to see Martín, this was the best he could do… And Martín is trying the same thing Eugenio’s done earlier in the film, randomly taking off his shirt, to get a reaction (what he expected Eugenio to do remains a mystery - but he’s probably just being a little clumsy with his seduction technique). And thus demonstrating (without knowing it) that Eugenio is no longer the one in control. Again, that scares the hell out of Eugenio.









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Archie on We Heart It.


Guys don’t make passes at boys who wear glasses — LIES!! (gifs by uncuts)